Kelkay & Alton team up to deliver exemplary customer service

When Mr. London of Benfleet decided to extend his patio this spring, he dropped in to Alton Garden Centre from where he had purchased the original paving in 2013. Sadly, he quickly realised that the Kelkay Galaxy in ?Meteor Black? he laid back in 2013 had since been discontinued and replaced with a whole new range of exciting colours and styles. However, Mr. London didn?t really want to invest in a complete new patio. He really liked the one he?d already got!

Alton Garden Centre

The team at Alton tried to find a supply of the old product. They asked Kelkay to check if they might have old stock available, but sadly for Mr. London the last of the product had been sold out long ago.

That?s when Martin Butt, Landscape manager at Alton Garden Centre and Richard Pyrah, Sales Director for Kelkay got their heads together and decided to go the extra mile for this long serving and loyal customer. The manufacturing team at Kelkay were able to sort through the archives to find the old product templates and formulations as well as colour swatches. They then set a team on hand ? making enough Meteor Black to complete Mr London?d patio extension.

Richard Pyrah, Sales Director says ?It?s not every day we receive a request like this, but it was important to us to try and help the team at Alton deliver a solution to Mr. London?s problem. We have built our business with customer relations and service levels at its? heart. I can?t say that this sale was the largest or most profitable we?ll make this year, but it does demonstrate our commitment to our customers. I?m really pleased we were able to help.?

Mr London took delivery of his Galaxy patio kit and was happy to report that the match was excellent despite the existing product having been laid several years ago.


Martin Butt, Alton Garden Centre said ?It?s a testament to the quality of Kelkay paving that the new product slotted in so smoothly with the original patio. Keeping our customers happy is very important to us at Alton, we want everyone to leave feeling that we?ve gone the extra mile to help them. It?s good to have the full support of our suppliers, like Kelkay, which really helps us deliver on our promise.?

To find out more about Kelkay?s range of decorative aggregates and their other successful garden landscaping brands, go to or e-mail the general enquiries office on or call to speak to us on 01405 869333

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