Kelkay springs into action with Path and Patio Cleaner

Kelkay kits out the consumer, getting gardens ready for spring, helping people keep their driveways, pathways and patio clean.

The company?s all-encompassing range of products includes Path & Patios Cleaner, Path & Patios Sealant and Patio Joint Fill.

Dirty and tired looking paving can be revived using Kelkay Path & Patio Cleaner. This is a powerful and fast-acting cleaner removing mould, algae lichen and moss, along with everyday dirt and grime.

The Path & Patios Sealant can then be added to the surface of the paving. The high performance low sheen sealant is designed to provide long lasting protection against stains and water penetration.

Antony Harker, managing director at Kelkay, said: ?The consensus of opinion among experts in the industry is that the big changes we?ll see in the foreseeable future are in the types of products we?ll be using to make gardening simpler.

?People are concerned about protecting their patios, drives and pathways and against whatever weather is thrown at them. At Kelkay, we have everything they?ll need.?

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