Kent & Stowe consolidate market position

Kent & Stowe is an established and well-respected player in the garden tools market. As part of Westland Horticulture, they have benefited from major investment in new product development, resulting in market leading equipment which has generated incremental sales in key market sectors.

Garden tools for every gardener

With its unique heritage and history, Kent & Stowe tools have been built on tradition and crafted for life. The Garden Life Range of lightweight tools became an instant success and created a new sector for people from all walks of life who found this lighter weight range put the pleasure and fun back in to their gardening activities. The success of Kent & Stowe has been the development of tools to suit every gardener and activity. The ‘Know your Soil? and ?Weeding? ranges simplify some of the more awkward tasks in the garden by providing exactly the right tool for the right job.

Creating new market sectors

The 2018 season builds on this success with the introduction of several exciting new categories. To satisfy the increased interest in Topiary, a range of essential products is being launched which will make it easy to ?Clip, Shape and Maintain? these attractive features. The involvement of children in gardening has been a feature of recent years, but child friendly equipment has not kept pace with demand. This has all changed with the brand-new K&S Kids range which are scaled down versions of mum and dad?s tools. These light-weight garden tools combine strength and practicality with beautiful Ash Wood handles, giving children their first taste of real garden tools. Further additions for 2018 include ?Prepare, Plant and Grow? for Potting and Planting, ?Grow, Improve and Maintain? for Lawn Care and ?Improve, Shape and Control? cutting solutions.

In-store theatre

Kent & Stowe?s expertise in developing in-store displays that create theatre, interest and encouragement to purchase the right tool for the job has seen this sector moved from the back wall to centre stage. The full range of POS, display stands and information stations will be showcased at GLEE making a visit to their Stand No 19G21 a high priority.

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