Kent & Stowe traditional weeding

Loop, Razor, Corkscrew, Oscillating or even Daisy Grubber may be unfamiliar names of garden tools to many of today?s younger garden centre customers. However, to their parents or grandparents, they were the mainstay in the battle against stubborn garden weeds.

In response to consumer demand for alternative methods of weed removal, Kent & Stowe has gone back to tried and tested traditional tools of a bygone era to bring to the market a range of specialist weeding equipment that allows gardeners to banish weeds effectively in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The full range of 12 traditional stainless steel weeding tools covers everything from intricate hand weeding to long handled multi-functional weeding and traditional hoes. The designs of the Hand Weeding Knife and the Long Handled 2 in 1 Weeder make them particularly versatile tools.


Ensuring gardeners buy the right tool for the job is achieved with an impactful space conscious FSDU to hold all of the weeding tools with informative POS and lifestyle images explaining how each tool should be used.

All Kent & Stowe weeding tools come with a 15-year guarantee and have been designed with quality and comfort in mind to make weeding a simple and effective task. The products are competitively priced with RRP?s ranging from ?9.99 to ?27.99.

The Weeding category forms part of an extended ?Built on tradition, crafted for life? Kent & Stowe range for the coming season and is available from January 2017.

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