Know Your Soil from Kent & Stowe excels at Glee 2016

Knowing your soil is the first important step in gardening and finding the right tool for the job is essential. Kent & Stowe have designed and developed a range of ?Know Your Soil? tools for soil types which are compacted and considered harder to work. The new tools based on traditional designs were launched to wide acclaim at Glee 2016

Over 45% of the UK is made up of clay soils, with the majority of new build properties containing this hard soil. Clay soils are rich in fine clay particles called ?heavy soils? and although hard to manage are potentially extremely fertile being very rich in plant nutrients.

These tools are tailor-made for specialist jobs such as planting, digging, potting and most importantly working difficult areas in the garden. There are seven tools in the range including a Clay Mule which has a flat blade to loosen and aerate, a Hand Pick Mattock for breaking up heavy ground and a Round Nose Shovel to easily penetrate hard to work soil.

Commenting on the new Kent & Stowe ?Know your Soil? range, Sue Larkin of Ducks Hill Garden Centre said ?This is perfect for customers in our area where we have heavy clay soils. The tools are good quality and the comprehensive range covers a wide range of tasks. The compact display module showing the tools in use is very effective and doesn?t take up too much space.?

The full colour, purpose built display stand which holds all seven tools has been designed to educate consumers and guarantee that they select the right tool for the job. Large information panels help gardeners to identify their particular soil type and show lifestyle images of the tools in use.

The ?Know Your Soil? category carries a 10 year guarantee and forms part of the extended Kent & Stowe ?Built on tradition, crafted for life? range.

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