Lechuza reveals 2021 launches

Lechuza is bringing to market a new range of recyclable plastic pots and planters for consumers.

The German brand is relatively new to the UK market. It forms part of the Playmobil portfolio, meaning it has access to the same plastic moulding and manufacturing as the global brand.

Central to Lechuza’s offering is its self-watering system. The water reservoir is hidden in the underside of every planter and can hold up to 26L, depending on the model, allowing plants to take up the exact amount of moisture and nutrients they need.

For 2021, Lechuza is launching a range of products for the houseplants market. Its Pila collection combines a shapely planter – complete with irrigation system – and practical storage. The stackable design means that consumers can create their own look, combining colours and creating different height units to match their interior and exterior design needs.

A new offering for the grow-your-own category is Lechuza’s TRIO Stone 30 range. These mini ‘beds’ come complete with three plantable inserts and are compatible with Lechuza’s matching vine trellis. Each insert benefits from Lechuza’s irrigation system, helping to direct four litres of water to each plant

Lechuza’s BALCERONA Colour planters are compatible with wall brackets (sold separately) so they can be quickly mounted to railings or walls to encourage vertical planting schemes.

Contemporary designs continue throughout Lechuza’s other new-for-2021 ranges, including the lines of the STONE collection, and the CANTO Stone 80 wide.

Lechuza has also turned its material innovation into classically designed planters. The new Sand Brown designs, introduced across the ‘Colour’ range, offer a natural colourway reminiscent of natural stone planters without the excessive weight that is associated with planters of this construction.

Braided rattan-style can be found in the Cottage Collection, available in granite, graphite black, light grey and sand brown. These can be found in a range of planter sizes from six litres to the trio style with three 31L plantable inserts.

Lechuza’s Arvin Bhudia said: “From truly contemporary planters that help urban gardeners to take their home-growing to another level, to traditional gardeners looking for new material innovation and planters which withstand the ravages of the weather and human impact, the Lechuza offering really does have something for everyone. What’s more, our unique irrigation system offers a real point of difference, helping to give consumers the confidence to grow more plants, safe in the knowledge that their plants will be receiving water when it is needed most. It is this confidence that is seeing consumers become loyal Lechuza buyers, sharing their experiences via social media and helping to drive others to the brand and ultimately into store.”

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