LeisureGrow launches B2B multi-site trade portal

LeisureGrow has launched a large multi-site trade portal, built on the Intersell system by Aspin.

Consisting of 6 integrated trade portals and 1 corporate website, the system covers all the product ranges from NOMA Christmas, NOMA Garden Lighting, Petface, Grillstream, LG Outdoor and Casa Mia.

The site has been custom developed to improve customer convenience, grow market presence, and increase partner footfall online.

With 7 websites launched, the project has been one of the largest and most complex B2B ecommerce projects for Aspin, consisting of a corporate ‘master’ website for LeisureGrow, plus 6 trade websites for the respective brands: Petface, LG Outdoor, Grillstream, Casa Mia, NOMA Christmas and NOMA Garden Lighting.

“Intersell is a fully integrated online trade platform, enabling trade customers to order products and manage their account details within a single environment. The platform provides users with product information and assets, the ability to track online invoices, review account information, and even access a portal to our virtual showrooms,” – Mark Milligan, senior marketing manager at LeisureGrow.

“We identified that LeisureGrow and its subsidiaries needed to be more flexible with the changing habits of our customers. This supersite trade portal is the evolution of our business to deliver a 24-hour ordering system, where customers can self-service their accounts with full visibility,” – Jody Grimmer, managing director, LeisureGrow.


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