Lesters Farm Shop to add garden centre

Owners of Lesters Farm Shop in Buckley, said they want to add a garden centre to their business to improve its sustainability.

The new premises would include a nursery to grow plants.

The scheme will create three full time job opportunities. Plans have gone forward due to issues over the future of the fresh food sales side of the business.

In a planning statement, the firm said: “To survive, it’s vital that any business can adapt and diversify.

“Lester’s Farm Shop employs 15 staff. It focuses its business on three key areas, all which compliment each other. The shop is popular with the local people.

“The fresh food business is demanding with very tight margins.

“Such market conditions mean that in the long term trade could become unsustainable.

“If this happens, these proposals seek to create facilities that will support the existing business.

“It will enable plants to be grown locally. A second location will increase the business profile.”

The field which is being put forward as the site for the garden centre is for grazing animals.

The company added that the plans were in keeping with the surrounding area. It would not have a damaging impact.

Representatives added: “It seems sensible that the sale of goods be possible at this site. It provides flexibility for both customers and future business development.

“To achieve the above, we want to erect a green house and a small staff facility. It will also provide on site parking. The rest of the site for growing plants.”

The local authority is aiming to make a decision on them by early June.

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