McColloch launches its first robotic mower into the industry

McCulloch has announced a first for the brand with the introduction of its robotic mowers ? the ROB R600 and ROB R1000.

Launching at the beginning of 2017, these revolutionary mowers are set to change the way consumers mow their lawns. With a quick and easy installation process involving placing the charging station in a suitable spot, followed by laying a boundary wire around the lawn ?ROB can then be set on his way in no time at all.

The robotic mowers can make their way around the garden day and night, trimming the tips of the grass to let micro clippings form mulch to feed the lawn ? no more emptying the grass box or collecting cuttings. The ROB R600 can manage areas up to 600m?, whereas the ROB R1000 can cover 1000m? ? they both also have the capacity to cut up to a 25% gradient, making them ideal for lawns with slopes.

Without human intervention, they return to their docking station to charge, then off they go again around the garden working within the boundary wires for a consistently perfect lawn. This routine can be set as a continuous loop or alternatively, customers can easily programme the mowers to cut the grass at a time of their choice.

The ROB R600 and ROB R1000 are quiet, emit no fumes and are safe ? automatically stopping if tilted or lifted. Both models are also fitted with an anti-theft system but the most popular feature is of course that you never have to mow the lawn again.

Gavin Burns, trade marketing manager for McCulloch, said: ?With the evolution of gardening technology at the forefront of our minds and the increased realisation from customers that robotic mowers really do work, it?s the perfect time for us to launch the ROB R600 and ROB R1000.

?Looking every bit as impressive as the technology honed to create them, these mowers are a great piece of kit for the garden and of course will free up a considerable amount of time, as it means you?ll never have to mow the lawn again ? perfect for freeing up weekends to enjoy your favourite sport or spending time with family and friends.?

The McCulloch ROB R600 (SSP ?799) and ROB R1000 (SSP ?899) will be available from January 2017 ? for stockist information, please visit

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