LifestyleGarden brings DuraOcean to the UK

The first container of DuraOcean from LifestyleGarden has arrived in the UK. The furniture, made from nets, ropes and plastic recovered from the oceans, is a benchmark for sustainable furniture.

With each DuraOcean chair uses 3.5kg of recovered ocean plastic.
The first container represents 1,925kg of former marine waste made into furniture.
Every box of DuraOcean is commitment to high environmental and social responsibility.
It’s bringing the company’s commitment to ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ to a new and wider audience.


DuraOcean: protecting the planet

A partnership will see the new LifestyleGarden 2020 ranges have Eden Project branding.
Protecting the planet for future generations is in LifestyleGarden’s DNA.
But what does ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ actually mean?
The company ensures the business works to minimise its footprint on the environment.
Since its foundation in 1995, the company has evolved to span the globe. There are more than 3,000 staff, and manufacturing sites in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam.
This is as well as sales offices in Denmark, Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
To maintain high standards, ScanCom, the parent company, controls its supply chain. It uses 100% internal production.
All materials for LifestyleGarden® products made in-house, guaranteeing quality, consistency and sustainability.
This means that only FSC-certified timber makes the LifestyleGarden products. ScanCom was a pioneer of using 100% FSC hardwood and is looking to increase its use of FSC teak.


DuraOcean safeguarding natural resources

The company has an outstanding track record in respecting human and labour rights. Environmental awareness of all employees, via regular programmes of training and education helps. This ensures sustainability remains at the forefront of ScanCom’s operations.
Paul Cohen, UK Sales Director, said: “our commitment to ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ influences our operations.
“We are not a company that talks about doing things differently. We are driven by a passionate commitment to safeguarding the environment.
“DuraOcean® is playing a critical role in helping to spread the message about the mission. It’s a win-win situation for ScanCom, LifestyleGarden, retailers and the environment.”

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