Lightweight Lytag gravel is the drainage and hydration solution

Dubbed ?wonder gravel? by those in the know, Lytag, the must-have product for horticulturists this season, is now available from Deco-Pak, the UK?s leading supplier of aggregates, decorative accents and landscaping essentials.

Complementing Deco-Pak?s existing growing media and horticultural products, Lytag is a super lightweight gravel that offers some unique characteristics. ?By utilising its natural water retention characteristics which absorbs up to 45% of moisture, Lytag is perfect for improving drainage and hydration in pots, baskets and flower beds, making it a highly versatile growing media and aggregate.

Craig Hall, Marketing Director at Deco-Pak said: ?We?re pleased to confirm that Lytag has been added to our collection ahead of the 2014 season. ?Lytag is an incredibly clever product that will appeal to a wide range of gardeners, as it offers peace of mind regarding long-term plant hydration throughout the home and garden.? What?s more, Lytag provides retailers with a unique linked sales opportunity, in that it can be co-located alongside complementary product groups such as compost, pots, and rockery and alpine plants.? Plus with a RRP of just ?4.99 per bag we?ve no doubt that Lytag will also offer a great impulse-buy opportunity as well.?

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To find out more Lytag and how it can be added to your existing Deco-Pak order please log onto or call (01422) 204 394.


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