Lincolnshire butchers to open farm shop in Willows Garden Centre

One of Lincolnshire?s favourite family butchers is to expand its business for the first time in 94 years.

Navenby?s award-winning Odling Brothers, established in 1920, is to open-up a farm shop in Glentham at the end of the month.

The renowned family firm will open up in the Willows Garden Centre, taking its own successful range of meats and pastries as well as other goodies outside its traditional Navenby home for the first time.

The business is run by a third-generation of brothers, Alan and Roy, and the expansion plan is something Alan has wanted to do for some time.

He said: ?It is something I?ve wanted to do since taking over as a third generation director.

?We used to have a lot of mobile vans but they have gradually gone off the road.

?Farm shops are a new venture which are pushing forward and people seem to enjoy. Glentham was offered to me a few years ago, but I wasn?t ready for it then. Mentally my head has changed since then and it is time to go.

?The offer came back on the table and I chose to go with it. Lincoln is like a boundary for us. From Navenby to Lincoln and Navenby to Caythorpe is our catchment area. This is a new area.

?It is going to be a farm shop in a garden centre.?

The new Odling shop in Glentham is set to be on a smaller scale. It is expected to stock the same quality meats which will be sourced locally where possible.

The business was started in 1920 by Charles William Odling.

Management of the business then passed to his sons Charles, John and Keith ? father of Roy and Alan.

The pair now run the business and in 2006 renovated the Navenby premises to accommodate an ever-increasing range of tasty products ? many of them homemade and sourced locally.

In April last year, Alan became the first member of the family to wear the Lincoln And District Master Butchers Association chain of office.

Alan adds: ?It was started by my granddad in 1920, he made a bit of money killing animals in the field ? and it just went from strength to strength.

?He then went to college and learned his trade and ended up with his own abattoir here where they did all their own killing. But legislation put a stop to that unfortunately.

?Charles passed it on to my dad and his two brothers. Dad then passed it on to Roy and I. Roy went straight in.

?But I was given the option to go away and do something else so I did a B-Tec course in construction with the civil engineering side in mind.

?But the carrot was dangled and I came into the business.

?I enjoy what I do, I like employing people. I like the role. It makes you feel good if you can help people by giving them a wage packet. I like that.

?The business has had its ups and downs. A drop in sales has hit as people are shopping elsewhere and forgetting the quality.

?But they are coming back now as they have tried the cheap stuff and want the quality. They all know where to go when they have a special occasion.?

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