?Living dress? marks International Poinsettia Day

The traditional Christmas poinsettia has been given the haute couture treatment by floral stylists, Okishima & Simmonds, in celebration of International Poinsettia Day this Saturday 12 December.

Fashioning the dramatic ombr? gown from over 300 freshly-cut stems of red, variegated and cream poinsettia and styling it amongst a sea of the plants, Okishima & Simmonds have re-imagined the Christmas classic.

The fashion shoot was set in the vast poinsettia glasshouse of Hill Brothers Nurseries in Chichester.

Jessica Simmonds of Okishima & Simmonds, who were commissioned on the project by the EU-wide poinsettia campaign Stars for Europe, said: ?We love to create unique designs that merge the floral world with the fashion world and International Poinsettia Day has given us an exciting opportunity to do that. We wanted the dress to flow so that it looked as though it was growing out of the plant?beds beneath, so used the traditional red plants for the skirt and showcased other colours through the bodice.?

The traditional Christmas plant is known as the ?Christmas star? in much of the world. In 2014, over eight million poinsettia plants were sold in the UK in just two months, making it the bestselling house plant after the year-round orchid.

International Poinsettia Day takes place on 12 December and marks the death of Joel Robert Poinsett, the US diplomat and botanist who introduced the poinsettia to the United States from Mexico in 1828.

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