What you Need to Know about Log Cabins for the Garden

Log cabins are increasingly common in people?s gardens and for a number of understandable reasons. Here?s what you need to know about choosing one and also it?s maintenance.

How to ensure longevity

Knowing and selecting the right timber will allow a garden structure to last longer. Fast-growing trees provide less dense timber than slow-growing trees, which usually means a shorter lifespan for the building. Certain features should also be taken into consideration such as laminate wood door frames and foundation joints that have been pressure treated to provide a more durable outdoor structure. Most importantly, choose a plan that provides thick roof purlins that run from apex to apex.

To ease your customer?s mind, look for a supplier that only uses slow-grown Nordic spruce that provides a durable frame, and other product advantages can also be found in the descriptions.

Choosing the right door

If a building will serve as a garden shed, easy access to lawn equipment and other accessories is a must. It is recommended to pay attention to the door frame’s dimensions to ensure you can easily remove the items you need. For sheds, double-doors are a good idea, but for a garage building, up-and-over as well as front-opening doors are an option. When ordering, make sure to select the right door dimensions highlighted by a simple icon, and choose the correct door material such as wood or glazed.

Considering The Angle

To ensure your structure blends well with surrounding buildings, do pay attention to the roof gradient. All product pages will display in the footer section the actual height of the roof, the roof overhang height, the sizes shown in square meters, and lastly, the exact gradient.

When thinking about wood types for your flooring and ceiling, consider the amount of use your cabin will get. Thinner wood types are ideal for a summer season building, but for year-round use, select from thick and dense timber.

Is The Timber Sustainable?

log cabinIf you’re concerned about the impact your garden building will have on the environment, choose an FSC certified timber source. It means that all timber that bears the FSC logo were responsibly sourced from sustainable areas without damaging the environment or displacing wildlife in the process. It’s important to build any structure with a clear conscience!

Permission For Planning

UK residents need to be aware of all laws and regulations that pertain to their buildings. Planning permission will need to be sought if your building meets the following guidelines: the structure is within 2M of your boundary and taller than 2.5M in height. Most of the buildings we offer fall right at 2.5M or below. If you’re looking to connect the cabin to your main home with electricity or choose to live in the cabin perhaps in your own woods, special planning permission is required and needs to be attained for construction.

Ease Of Construction

Not everyone has a lot of time on their hands or the skills necessary in order to erect a garden structure. Look for a business that believes in being transparent about our products, so they will always state if the assembly can be done with a DIY approach, or if a professional is going to be required. We have plenty of straightforward options for those customers without extensive DIY skills. If you?re interested in looking further into this then look at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/log-cabins.html

How about choosing one of our more modern structures as they feature pre-assembled roof and wall elements? Most importantly, plenty of our buildings can be erected with basic DIY tools and two people that have some DIY knowledge that can be employed. In general, our chalet style and log cabin homes will require professional installation, and we do offer a free quote for project planning purposes! Regardless of what you want, you will find it on our website and be able to evaluate how long it will take to erect the structure.

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