Love Is In The Air with Yankee Candle

There?s something delicious in the air for spring? the romantic new limited edition Yankee Candle collection: Love Is In The Air.

Created to offer rare and unique gift options for both Valentine?s and Mother?s Day, Love Is In The Air sees two new limited edition scents joining the Classic collection.
Consumers can look forward to discovering uplifting spring-time colours and refreshing modern scents, tempting those looking for a beautiful gift or to create a sensual ambience.

Pink Grapefruit, with a soft, dewy pink hue, is the scent of perfectly ripe, sun-kissed fruit bursting with bright, tingly citrus to stir the senses.

Red Raspberry is tangy sweet and full of nature?s goodness with the delicious scent of ripe, rosy red raspberries.

Both new scents are available in all 6 Classic forms with Red Raspberry also available in D?cor Pillars and with an array of stylish accessories, ?love? themed store displays and ?complemented with props will attract customers during the peak gifting season.

In addition there is a matching range of new gift sets, tempting shoppers even further, featuring the enticing new fragrances in beautifully themed packaging. So ?each customer can find the perfect solution for Valentine?s Day gifting and beyond.

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