Lucy Summers Slug and Snail repellent

What better way to kick off the launch?of than with a revolutionary “Slug and Snail” repellent!

Lucy Summers is a Chelsea Gold and Silver Medallist and author of six books on Gardening. The most common question she is asked is this. “How do I stop snails eating my plants?”

She went in search of the answer – and found it. Now the product is available for consumers and we’re inviting you to try it.

“Traditionally deterrents rely on providing a barrier or bait to attract slugs and snails.? But why attract them to plants in the first place? Putting down fresh pellets or bait is tedious, costly and unsightly.? Besides slugs and snails repeatedly find their way through to munch on your greenery. My winning formula takes an innovative approach that not only makes plants less susceptible to slug and snail damage but boosts healthy plant growth. Correctly applied, my Slug and Snail Solution strengthens?all garden & vegetable plants making them unattractive to pests.

It?s a must-have product for organic gardeners.”


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