The magic of Japanese maples

The HTA has announced that the Japanese maple is its plant for April.

Speaking of the benefits of the plant, the association said: ?Japanese maple is?the perfect choice of tree for any small, compact or courtyard garden.

?Japanese maples will put on a show throughout the year, starting as soon as foliage unfurls in spring and continuing until their autumn transformation into shades of gold and bronze before they eventually fall.”

?Many acers are commonly called Japanese maples, but their parents could be derived from several different species.”

The spokesperson continued: ?The natural shape and growing habit of their branches make Japanese maples anideal choice of small tree for gardens or growing in large patio pots.

?Their leaf shapes, sizes and colours vary immensely. Many have a broad palm shape, but these are often divided and dissected into the most delicate and intricate forms.? Add to this their wide range of colours, from deep greens to yellow, gold, purple or even variegated patterns and you have huge variety to choose from.?

Varieties of maple include Acer palmatums ?Bloodgood?, ?Osakazuki? and ?Sango-Kaku?, as well as Golden Shirasawanum maple (aka Acer shirasawanum ?Aureum?)


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