Magnificent magnolias from Frank P Matthews

Frank P Matthews, Worcestershire nursery that supplies garden centres, nurseries and mail order companies, has unveiled its ?magnificent magnolia offering?.

The nursery produces 31 different varieties and species of magnolias, which are available to garden centres, retail nurseries and mail order suppliers. These range from the popular Magnolia stellata to the more unusual, and rarely offered elsewhere, Magnolia campbelli ?Sidbury?, which boasts strong pink flowers.

There is also Magnolia ?Sayonara? with its fragrant, ivory white flowers with a pink flush at their base. Also popular is Magnolia ?Shirazz??which flowers burgundy-red, and for consumers that are into science-fiction, Frank P Matthews is offering Magnolia ?Star Wars? which produces rich pink flowers from March onwards.

As well as the more traditional varieties with either pink or white flowers, Frank P Matthews also offers several of the more unusual yellow-flowered varieties. These include ?Elizabeth? (pictured right), which boasts pale primrose yellow flowers that open before the leaves, ?Daphne?, ?Sunsation? and ?Yellow Bird?.

To find out more about the Frank P Matthews collection of Magnificent Magnolias, please contact: or call 01584 810214.

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