Make your own Fragrance ?Creations? says Bolsius

Bolsius is launching a new concept in home fragrance. ?Creations? comprises a range of scented wax melts for use in burners that allows the user to create and personalise a fragrance to suit their home and to suit their mood. ?

The company already has an expansive fragrance candle range under its Bolsius Aromatic concept, but in Creations it has provided consumers with the opportunity to create bespoke and individual room scents personal to them. Just 20 core range wax melts and 3 seasonal additions will provide simply thousands of differing fragrance combinations.

A minimum of three melts is required for each burning to create a scent. Each wax melt breaks into six parts, so a fragrance can be fine-tuned by adding or subtracting melt sections, in order to create the perfect fragrance recipe for any occasion. There?s no mess; when the candle is extinguished and the wax has hardened, it comes away easily from the burner thanks to a cleaning agent within the wax. It can be re-melted at a later date if required.

Merchandising for Creations comes in the form of a pick and mix display (approx 1m2) which is available on loan to the retailer, free of charge. The consumer selects from three box sizes; 8 melts from around (?3.49), 14 melts (?4.99) and 28 melts (?8.99), then chooses a selection of melts. Two styles of ceramic burners are available, one open top from around (?7.99) and one with a lid (?9.99), both are available in three colourways.

For further details or to become a stockist of Bolsius candles and fragrances please contact our UK sales team on 0800 169 5126, visit or contact our distributors Junction 18 Customer Services team on 0870 442 0731.




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