?Making it Happen? in 2015

A new business mentoring scheme ?Making it Happen? will be available to HTA members in 2015, which complements the well-established HTA Retail Business Improvement Scheme (RBIS) based on seven regional groups of members.

The ?Making it Happen? programme is based on 16 years? experience by international garden centre consultants, Garden Retail Success Ltd and is championed in the UK by Steve Myatt.

?Making It Happen? enables garden retailers to work with the guidance of an experienced mentor to help with developing and implementing business plans, setting priorities and keeping improvements on track with monthly benchmarking. Businesses will benefit from ongoing assistance to implement all the initiatives to streamline businesses and increase profits, by focusing on results rather than theoretical standards.

The Making it Happen Programme includes:

  1. An initial one day visit on site includes a comprehensive appraisal of your business
  2. Support Service- assistance with implementation, previews of planned actions, and regular response to telephone or email enquiries you may have
  3. Monthly KPI monitoring, reporting, and benchmarking
  4. 7 comprehensive manuals available
  5. Three group meetings annually.
  6. An integrated approach to retail management, delivering implementation of proven measured business ideas.

Steve Myatt comments, ?The response to the Making It Happen programme has shown that businesses appreciate the focus on their own business in terms of detailed analysis and development that assists in growing their business performance. The fact that the MIH programme also works with the business to implement agreed improvements means they actually are done and the business therefore develops.?

Directors Bill Brett and Joy Lamb of Garden Retail Success add, ?As an organisation we are results driven to improve the success of retailers so we are delighted to be associated with the HTA and its aim to offer members a comprehensive range of business support and development initiatives that will make a difference. The Making It Happen programme is a structured integrated approach to garden retailing and provides mechanisms to support best practice implementation and track results so that real progress can be monitored.?
To find out more about how your business can benefit from Making it Happen visit
www.gardenretailsuccess.com or www.gardenretailsuccess.co.uk or contact Steve Myatt on 07710804593 or email: steve@gardenretailsuccess.co.uk

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