Making special occasions ‘special’ for everyone with Floramedia

GARDEN centres hoping to increase profits around the key occasions in the retail calendar can now (October, 2013) tap into a new, eye-catching Floramedia range created to help maximise sales.

The?horticultural design and print company, which is renowned for its expertise in creating highly effective point of sale for garden centres and growers, has developed a ?special occasions? kit.

Nick Mathias, Managing Director of Floramedia, said: ?Each year brings retailers a different set of challenges. As a result they need to manage resources as effectively as possible and we want to help make it easier to put together attention-grabbing displays, which are essential to help boost sales at key times in the retail calendar.

?Thankfully putting together co-ordinated, eye-catching retail displays that tempt the shoppers and assist with sales has just got easier with our new range of special occasion kits.

?This cost-effective range of co-ordinated POS items includes Correx posters, bench wrap, trolley toppers and gift labels. You can pick and mix across the range to suit your display style.?

Everything is weather resistant so will work equally well in outdoor and indoor displays and allows for a co-ordinated and consistent approach throughout the centre.

All items are held in stock and with next day delivery it is quick and easy to put together a display.

Nick added: ?All the key occasions in the retail calendar are covered: Christmas, Easter, Mother?s Day, Halloween and Valentine?s Day and there are themes for spring, summer and autumn too.

?Various designs are available for each key occasion so you can choose the look and feel that best matches your centre. There are four Christmas designs, three Easter ones and three Mothering Sunday designs to choose from.?

Floramedia has the UK?s largest range of stock labels and point of sale products with more than 10,000 to choose from.?The forward-thinking company is constantly improving and expanding its range.?

The company prides itself on providing the most cost-effective and complete?service for labelling, point of sale, web,?packaging?and retail?merchandising for the gardening market in the UK.??

It is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its customers, sharing?its knowledge of?marketing and design, and?focusing on quality,?service and reliability.

Floramedia is consistently at the forefront for introducing new and innovative ideas. It also has a picture library with more than 250,000 images that are available for garden centres to use to create their own marketing materials.

For further information, please call Floramedia, which is located at Axis Two, Brunel Way, Severalls Business Park in Colchester, on 01206 771040, email or visit


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