Makita introduce 6.0Ah battery for 18V lithium-ion tool range

  • 55 minute charge time
  • Battery protection circuitry and cooling system
  • Push-button fuel gauge readout

Makita now offer a 6.0Ah version of the 18v Lithium-Ion batteries that have powered the Makita cordless tool range to market leadership since their introduction in 2005. The new 6.0Ah version has a 55 minute charge time and a host of advanced protection and operating features. This new battery can be fitted to any Makita 18v tool that carries a star mark on the battery mount, or a yellow battery terminal plate, and offers 20% more capacity than the Makita 5.0Ah battery.

Advances in internal design and workings have been integrated into this latest 6.0Ah battery including new battery circuitry that protects the battery from over discharge, high temperature or overload current. Controlling these elements within the battery, and a cooling system which forces cooling air over each individual cell within the battery, ensures the longest possible battery life and power generation. All current Makita 18v batteries have a push-button fuel-gauge on the battery which uses four LEDs to indicate the power that remains in the battery.

The casing of the 6.0Ah battery provides the highest level of shock resistance thus protecting the battery during arduous site operations. Similarly, the latest slide terminal design with multi-contact connections enables stable contact between the battery and the tool, even under extreme vibrations, and also allows tools to be equipped with an ergonomic handle design for greater operator comfort and control. The output of this new Makita 6.0Ah battery means that it must be delivered and sold in regulation packaging, or sold connected to a Makita power tool.

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