Malcolm Scott welcomes planning permission extension period

The Government has announced that planning permissions that lapsed, or are due to lapse, during the Coronavirus lockdown period between March 23rd and December 31st 2020 will now automatically be extended until April 1st 2021.

Chris Primett of Malcolm Scott Consultants welcomed the news.

“This is good news for garden centre owners who had to put on hold starting projects because of lockdown.

“Whereas in the past an owner would have had to resubmit a lapsed permission and run the risk of being refused or further planning conditions being added, now there is some breathing space before having to start construction without losing the consent.”

He went on: “There are also implications with regard to the payment of the Community Infrastructure Levy which, where applicable, kicks in when development starts, even if only a portion of the scheme is to be built.

“By not having to rush in and start work to keep the consent alive, and by being able to delay the commencement of the development until April 1st 2021, centres have time to rebuild cash reserves.”

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