Meadow View?s new POS collection

Meadow View have re-designed their entire POS collection, focussing on ?the need to inspire and educate the consumer?.

The company said: ?The need to encourage customer spending has never been greater and POS merchandising is an intrinsic part of this process.

?All our POS now features awe-inspiring lifestyle shots of products featured in simple effective schemes which have been designed to inspire the consumer, and strongly promote cross sales into other relating product areas.

?These engaging photos have been created to encourage the consumer to not only buy gravel but rockery stone, pebbles, cobbles and even plants. This innovative POS is further aided by all the featured products? suitability and benefits being listed in easy to read and legible fonts on each product board. Alongside this there are imperial and metric quantity tables, meaning all the relevant information is listed concisely in one place, to make the buying process effortless and instantaneous.

?Each board also includes an image of the bag, making it simple for the customer to locate and identify the product in store. Furthermore each board has an individual QR code which links directly to an online help portal called ?go recreate? which serves an excellent resource for how to use and lay the products, whilst showcasing inspirational gardening shots that help visualise which products will complement each other.

?Stockists of the Meadow View range of decorative aggregates, paving and stoneware are encouraged to think about linking products featured in each lifestyle shot to primarily make the buying process thought provoking and as simplistic as possible for the consumer which will strongly increase the potential of upselling into related product sectors.?

Marketing Director, Sarah Hill said: ?This is a very exciting time for Meadow View Stone and its loyal customers, who will immensely benefit from the increased sales potential this new POS is designed to capture. An increase in our stand designs and POS height also addresses the demand for better visibility of our products in store meaning they are no longer an after-thought for perusing customers?.

Contact Simon Routledge on 078910 42537 or Head Office on 01948 841607.

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