Meet the supplier: Feverfew Garden Co

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Feverfew launched new gardening apparel for women

Taking the gardening glove market by storm, Feverfew Garden Co is the UK’s first garden wear brand exclusively designed for women, by women. Garden Centre Retail catches up with Rachel Eunson, the driving force behind the brand.

As with many recent ventures, Feverfew Garden Co was borne out of the COVID Pandemic of 2020. In 2019, Rachel Eunson, founder of the business, was travelling the world and found herself Down Under, with a one-way ticket to Bali in her possession.

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Weeks later, she was on the plane – but not the plane she wanted to be on. This one was taking her home to Orkney as the world began its lockdown.

Eunson moved back home at the same time as her sister, and they began tending to, in her words, her overgrown back garden to become less reliant on the supermarkets for her fresh produce.

Says Eunson: “With all our new-found spare time, and a new-found appreciation for self-sufficiency as well, after seeing the supermarket shelves go empty, we decided to tackle our old and very overgrown vegetable garden at home.

“The garden hadn’t been used to grow anything in over a decade and we spent the first few weeks of our lockdown digging the whole thing over by hand. Even during such an uncertain time, I have so many happy memories from that summer, spending hours outdoors each day, and falling in love with gardening for the first time.”

The issue

But this posed a problem – Eunson could not find a pair of gardening gloves that were functional, well-fitted and designed to her tastes. “I wanted to invest in a nice pair. I kept going to the garden centre, looking online, and there was nothing that fit me properly, or nothing that I really wanted to wear. The best gloves on the market were often only available in men’s or unisex sizing and options available for women were generally less durable, less practical or aimed at older demographic. As a young female gardener, I felt completely overlooked.” she explains.

Having had conversations with her partner, a landscape gardener with plenty of great options, Eunson mulled over her problem for a period. “I noticed the huge range of brands tailored specifically to other outdoor hobbies like hiking, skating or surfing, but almost nothing for gardening. After months of researching and not being able to find what I wanted, I decided to take the problem on myself. ”

The products

Having deliberated on a name for the brand, Eunson settled on Feverfew Garden Co, a nod to her favourite wildflower. With logo and branding decided on, she started to tackle the design issues she was faced with.

The hero product, the Feverfew Garden Co Women’s Garding Gloves, have been designed to be a summer all-rounder. Eunson explains the thought process of the design: “I started off with our hero product, which is our Women’s Gardening Gloves which were designed to be a summer all-rounder. I thought about everything I needed from a pair of gloves and looked at some of the best gloves on the market and tried to put everything into one pair. I wanted touchscreen fingertips; they’ve got a clip to keep the gloves together when stored. The gloves are highly breathable, so the hands don’t get too hot. I’ve had customers say they’ve been able to wear them all day and almost forget that they’re wearing them due to the comfort and the way they fit to the shape of their hands.”

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‘Tired of wearing baggy’

Eunson was so tired of wearing baggy gloves and realises that not all hands are the same size. Three sizes were released originally with a fourth to be added imminently. Currently in one colour, the second version is due to be released next year.

Eunson has also taken on the sun hat sector, creating a boonie hat made from 100% recycled nylon. She explains: “I rarely used to wear a sun hat during hot days working in the garden, just because I had never found one I liked. Again, most options available on the market weren’t aimed at a young female audience. We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun, so I hope this new product will help to encourage more gardeners to start wearing a sun hat during the summer months.”

Although this product is on the market currently, Eunson is planning a full relaunch of this in Spring 2024.

Future developments for Feverfew Garden Co products

There are plans in place to add to the range of women-specific gardening gloves, with a fully waterproof and cut resistant winter version in the pipeline. Although these will be slightly thicker than the hero product, these winter gloves will keep the dexterity of their summer counterparts.

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The target audience

Feverfew Garden Co was borne out of the frustration Eunson had when shopping for gardening wear and not finding anything that appealed her. Although targeted at mainly the younger gardeners, Eunson wanted to create something for every woman.

“Historically, gardening has been viewed ais something you do when you’re retired, in your 50s or 60s” she says. “But since COVID, that’s changed. I’ve noticed so many people my age, early- to mid-twenties, really aspire to have a garden – and social media is further adding to the trend. A lot of the gardening influencers I work with are in their twenties or thirties, so there’s a whole new demographic of people that’s coming into gardening and I felt like there was nothing aimed at them.”

Feverfew Garden Co is a modern brand, whose target audience is women between 25-45. The brand is driven by a strong focus on serving their customers and community. They aim to deliver customers the products they have always wanted but couldn’t find. “Our customers want a neutral, stylish look with high functionality & durability – no frills!” she says

Feverfew Garden Co and the garden centre sector

Currently, Feverfew Garden Co is stocked in one garden centre, Eunson’s local store, Wellpark Garden Centre. But the future in this market is looking bright.

“Wellpark Garden Centre is great, and supportive of local brands” explains Eunson. “As soon as we launched, they were happy to get us in. We are about to be stocked with Marshall’s Garden as of February next year, and will be going exclusive online with them for 12 months as part of an exciting brand partnership.”

“Over the next year we’ll be aiming to take on 20-30 select garden centres across the UK as stockists.”

Eunson is excited to work with garden centres that match the ethos and values of Feverfew Garden Co – those that have a focus on customer experience, environment and local communities.


The Women’s Gardening Gloves retail at £22.95 and sit at the higher end of the market. Eunson is looking to support this message through her story, and innovative point of sale will do just that. “The brand is very much a story brand, people that buy from us have generally read the story and know where I’m coming from, so they understand that the brand is made for them. We want to tell the story quickly and efficiently in our POS so we can get the information across.”

The brand was launched on social media before the product was manufactured, and Eunson took her followers on the journey from samples, right the way through to the packaging. Word of mouth travels fast, and this brand has been on the lips of many aspiring gardeners who’ve shared their experiences with the gloves between friends and family.

A number of pairs have been sent to influencers who have reacted positively, creating a buzz for the product within their followers, too.

The future looks bright for Feverfew Garden Co, a loyal following is already there for the brand, and with the new launches on the horizon, a shift in the garden clothing sector won’t be far behind.

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