Millbrook closes garden centres in Gravesend and Staplehurst

The MD of Millbrook Garden Centres says it’s likely the firm would have made £150,000 at the weekend.

Last week Millbrook announced it was shutting down for the foreseeable future.
Tammy Woodhouse said the warm weather would have meant a boom in spring-time trade.
And she added that a decent Easter this coming weekend could have seen takings up to £300,000.
The family firm employs 100 people at Southfleet, 30 at Staplehurst and 30 in Crowhurst, East Sussex.
Bosses had hoped to operate online with home deliveries. They decided to close because they were worried about their staff.
The 160 employees across the three sites have now been placed on furlough leave.
The coronavirus emergency could not have come at a worse time for the company. Or the 2,000 other UK centres and nurseries to close temporarily.
Tammy explained how a large percentage of their stock is perishable. The supply chain is now facing massive problems.
For example, growers are unable to dispatch their goods to create space to make more.
Tammy says the company is talking with its bank as its tries to weather the storm.
And she is hoping for more government support for the industry.

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