Mindfulness to be discussed by Buddhist monk at GCA Conference

A Buddhist monk will be taking to the stage at the GCA annual conference in Bristol this month. He specialises in teaching mindfulness meditation.

Attendees to the conference will be able to hear from Gelong* Thubten on Monday, January 27.
Iain Wylie said: “Mindfulness is becoming popular as a form of non-religious meditation. We’re looking forward to hearing from Thubten. He will be talking about how it can help reduce stress and develop more focus and mental clarity.”
In 1993, in his early twenties, Thubten suffered with stress. He decided to go to a monastery to learn meditation. Planning to stay for a year, he ended up ordaining as a Tibetan Buddhist monk at Kagyu Samye Ling in Scotland. This is Europe’s oldest and largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, where he is now one of the most senior monks.
Thubten specialises in teaching mindfulness meditation, in businesses, universities, prisons and addiction centres. He is a world pioneer in the mindfulness movement. He introduced it to these sectors many years before the trend became popular. He is now considered as one of the UK’s most influential teachers in the field.
He has worked with clients including Google, LinkedIn and more. He often trains staff at organisations, visiting their offices and providing training.
Funds raised by Thubten’s work go to charity, to build mindfulness training centres. He is director of three centres in the UK in Scarborough, Cardiff and near the banks of Loch Ness.
He is a Trustee of two charities, Samye Foundation Wales and ROKPA International.
He has also worked as a meditation consultant on Hollywood Marvel movie, Dr. Strange.

Mindfulness books

Thubten’s book ‘A Monk’s Guide to Happiness’ was released in June 2019. It reached number three in the Amazon bestseller list, as well as number one in some categories.
Iain added: “Thubten has been taught by some of the world’s greatest masters of meditation. He represents a traditional and authentic training in meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Yet he is able to translate that knowledge into a non-religious format which can be of benefit to all.
“Our members will enjoy hearing from Thubten and all about his amazing work. We hope they will feel inspired by him and consider taking up meditation and mindfulness. It’ll help with their daily lives.”
Thubten will be speaking to attendees on Monday, January 27.

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