Miracle-Gro? Potting Mix: Perfect Potting Performance

Miracle-Gro? Potting Mix Root Boosting Compost is specifically formulated to provide the ideal growing conditions needed for potting up and growing on seedlings and all young plants ? including plug plants.


Young plants have fine roots that can be scorched by too much fertiliser and need a very open, porous compost to stimulate strong root growth so they establish faster and grow far better.


Miracle-Gro? Potting Mix Root Boosting Compost contains the perfect mix of peat and our unique Fibresmart? Technology, based on UK-sourced, renewable FSC softwoods. Its hollow fibres hold the perfect balance of air and water ? ensuring super drainage, strong root growth and healthy, beautiful plants.


It also contains our Root Growth Feed, which provides the optimum balance of nutrients to encourage healthy root development. It gives a quick boost to plants ? getting them off to the best possible start ? then carries on feeding while the plants are establishing and growing.


Miracle-Gro? Potting Mix Root Boosting Compost also contains a long-term, balanced feed to keep plants growing beautifully for up to three months. This means it can also be used for longer-term plants, making it perfect for houseplants, herbs, patio pots and all containers.



Miracle-Gro? Potting Mix Root Boosting Compost is available in an 8-litre carry pack, with an RRP of ?3.99, and larger 20-litre, ?4.99, and 40-litre, ?5.99, bags.

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