Mirfield garden centre Whiteleys hit by fire

A fire has caused extensive smoke damage to a garden centre in Mirfield. The blaze broke out at Whiteleys, in Far Common Road, at about 7.45pm on Thursday night.

Smoke could be seen pouring from the building.

Firefighters from Cleckheaton and Rastrick spent about an hour bringing the blaze under control.

The centre has a number of buildings which are interlinked, and firefighters managed to contain the fire to just one of the buildings.

But many other parts of the centre were heavily smoke logged.

A fire brigade spokesman said: ?It was an established fire. One of the buildings was well alight with lots of smoke coming through the roof.

Fire hits Whiteleys Garden Centre in Mirfield

?It took about an hour for us to get it sorted.

?There are several buildings at the site which are interlinked, and the quick action meant we managed to keep the fire to just one of the buildings. But there was extensive smoke damage to other parts of the centre.?

Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, and two hose reels were used to put the fire out.

He said the centre was closed at the time.

?They had locked up about an hour and a half before. There was no one inside and there were no injuries.?

An investigation is ongoing to find the cause of the fire but it is not being treated as suspicious. It is thought it may have been an electrical fault in a cupboard containing a fuse box and meters.

The electricity supply to the site had to be isolated by Northern Power.

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