As M&M Timber Agricised fencing continues to lead the field in incised technology round timber fencing, the company has announced that it is increasing production at its Worcestershire sawmills to cater for the autumn fencing season.

M&M?s Agricised fencing, with its 15 year no quibble warranty, sets new heights in timber technology advances. The result of many years? research and development, Agricised has presented the agricultural sector with a ?middle ground? product that offers top performance without the inherent high cost penalties that have previously forced land owners to opt for lower grade installations.

M&M Timber is investing in new manufacturing plant that will allow the company to double its output of Agricised fencing products in the New Year.

Once the home grown timbers have been machined round and pointed they pass through a purpose designed incisor process that adds a metre-long ground contact band of consistent and uniform incisions.

These incisions enable a minimum of 6mm Osmose Celcure preservative treatment penetration to meet Use Class 4 and BS8417 ground contact zone requirements. The process also serves to ease surface tension and reduces the incidence of cracking.

Managing Director, Nigel Poyner said ?Understandably many landowners settle for lower cost fencing options, which end up costing more in the long run when they fail after only a short time. Now we are able to offer an affordable alternative that will contribute to a positive long term reduction in land management overheads.?

M&M?s Agrisised? fencing posts are available from most major agricultural outlets across the UK.

For more information please contact M&M Timber on 01299 832 611 or see the website at www.mmtimber.co.uk.


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