Monitoring occupancy within your garden centre

Make your business Covid Secure by controlling your store occupancy with Queue Control. Meeting Government guidelines are now crucial, and you have a responsibility to make your premises safe for employees and customers as well as adhering to social distancing recommendations.

Queue Control Real-Time Monitoring Helps Your Business with the following:

  • Makes you Covid Secure
  • Increases safety for staff and customers
  • Staff alerts when maximum occupancy is reached
  • Gives customers confidence to enter your premises therefore maximising sales and turnover
  • Helps manage staffing needs, identifying quiet and peak times
  • Providing a cost effective unmanned system

Queue Control’s specialist AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cameras combined with the Queue Control Server and Software, count and monitor the flow of customers entering and exiting your premises. The server is linked to customer information screens at your entrance. The screens will display the current number of customers on your premises and the remaining amount of customers able to enter.


Telephone: 0845 643 0083

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