Mr Fothergill’s exhibits its new vegetable range

Suffolk seedsman Mr Fothergill’s has launched a mini-range of seed of vegetables suitable for exhibition work.? The 16 varieties chosen for the collection are all popular with gardeners who like to grow with the show bench in mind.? The company believes an increasing number of vegetable growers are becoming interested in showing their produce.? “It is important to us to monitor consumer trends, and we believe we have identified a progressive niche market in growing for showing”, says the company’s retail marketing manager Ian Cross.

Mr Fothergill’s stresses, however, these are not giant vegetables, with the exception of Pumpkin Atlantic Giant, but usual sized varieties specially chosen for their shape, uniformity and all-round quality.? And if the crops produced do not make it to the local horticultural show, the varieties chosen have the advantage of great flavour, so will be welcome in the kitchen.

Each packet has its own distinctive livery, and all the varieties are merchandised in a block at the top of the stand for maximum impact.? Varieties in the rang include Runner Bean Benchmaster, Onion Vento F1, Beetroot Pablo F1 and Leek Cairngorm F1.

For further details of Mr Fothergill?s 2013/14 retail seed range, or to request a visit from a representative, please telephone 01638 554 111 or log on to

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