Mr Fothergill’s launches Grobox and Gromat

As more consumers demand quick and easy growing ideas, Mr Fothergill’s has launched two new ranges in its Garden Time sub-brand to fulfil the desire for ‘instant’ gardening among those whose desire to grow plants is limited by time and space constraints. ?Both GroBox – the garden in a box – and GroMat – the garden on a mat – will appeal to those who would love to garden, but have little time.

The patented GroBox is a simple concept, where a bio-degradable cardboard box holding four varieties of pre-sown seeds in compost is planted, covered and watered in the garden or in a container. ?The four choices – Herbs, Salads, Children’s Vegetables and Children’s Flowers – can be displayed in either a free-standing bespoke unit, which holds 60 boxes, or a counter top display of 5 boxes. ?Each GroBox has a recommended retail price of ?6.99.

Equally easy is the GroMat, which again creates a flower or vegetable garden in just a few weeks. ?The 2-metre long, bio-degradable mat is pre-sown with a mix of either flower or vegetable seeds, and can be rolled out as one length or cut to fit any size of plot, border or container. ?Displayed in a free-standing unit holding 60 boxes, the GroMat range includes Poppy, Wildflower Style, Blue Flower Mix, Red Flower Mix, Grow Your Own Salads and Grow Your Own Vegetables. ?Each GroMat has a RRP of ?9.99.

For more information on these and other products in Mr Fothergill’s Garden Time range, telephone 01638 554111, log on at or e-mail

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