Mr Fothergill’s has teamed up with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to offer a retail range of seeds for the 2014-15 season to boost the charity’s ‘Give Nature a Home’ campaign, which is inspiring families to create wildlife-friendly areas in their gardens.? The dedicated, free-standing display unit, made from FSE-approved card, presents 16 single varieties, three Four-in-One collection packs and three Shaker Boxes of wildflower mixes.? Ideal for high-traffic areas in store, this pre-merchandised unit requires only minimal construction, and makes an ideal linked sales opportunity if positioned near wildlife food and feeder displays, says Mr Fothergill’s.

Each packet or box carries a silhouette icon to tell consumers whether the contents attract birds, pollinating insects, butterflies or a combination of the three, all of which the RSPB now seeks to protect.? The charity receives a royalty from Mr Fothergill’s for every pack sold to help its work with British wildlife.

Pot Toppers is the name of Mr Fothergill’s new range of pre-sown 20cm (8in) wide seed mats, presented on a full-height ‘hot spot’ stand to maximise their impact.? There are seven varieties – three mixed salad leaves and four popular herbs – and with three mats per packet consumers can ensure a season-long supply of their favourites just outside their back door or on the patio.

The perfect solution for those who have little or no garden, but still wish to ‘grow their own’, Pot Toppers could also be displayed on their small footprint stand alongside pots and containers to encourage additional sales.? Mr Fothergill’s also feels Pot Toppers are perfect for youngsters wishing to take the first steps in vegetable growing.

Following the launch of its Value Twin Packs for the 2013-14 season, the company is capitalising on their success with the introduction of Planting Companions Twin Packs – a mini-range which pairs eight species known to work naturally together to reduce pests.? With a distinctive logo and highlighted on-stand with new point-of-sale material, Mr Fothergill’s is the only UK company capable of producing these perforated twin packs.

Also new for the forthcoming season is the Garden Time range of six gardening gifts and kits.? Mr Fothergill’s is working with the makers of the world-renowned Buzzy garden range, combining their joint expertise to bring these proven products to the UK market.

They have been developed in response to a continuing demand for seed-related gifts and kits to appeal to a wide range of gardening consumers, while the packaging has been designed for great stand-out on the shelf.? There are four Windowsill Kits and a Herb Grow Kit, all presented in strong, galvanised metal containers and? Grow Your Own Pesto Kit, which includes a pestle and mortar.

Among 16 new seed varieties, of which seven are exclusive to Mr Fothergill’s, are Marrow Fatboy F1, capable of producing fruits up to 20kg and an excellent addition to the recently launched Exhibition Vegetables range, and Sweet Pea Tiller Girls, a stylish, flamboyant, fragrant mix of pastel ‘flakes’.

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