Mr Fothergill’s RSPB seed range proves success

In store since only autumn 2015, Mr Fothergill’s newly launched range of seeds endorsed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is already proving a success with the company’s retailers and their customers, reports the seed brand’s David Turner.

“At the end of December 2014, the sell-in of collections was 108 per cent of target, and with top-up orders already being placed the sell through is equally encouraging”, he says.? “We are extremely pleased with early sales, and have had to pack more stock than our initial expectations for the whole season. This partnership with the RSPB is beneficial for us both and we look forward to a long relationship with such a high-profile charitable organisation”.

Attractively presented on a free-standing display unit, made from FSC-approved card, it displays 16 single varieties, three Four-in-One collection packs and three Shaker Boxes of wildflower mixes.? Ideal for high-traffic areas, the pre-merchandised unit requires minimal construction, and can either be displayed with a main range of flower seeds or used for secondary siting where it makes an ideal linked sales opportunity when positioned near wildlife food and feeder displays, says Turner.

Each packet or box carries a silhouette icon to tell consumers whether the contents attract birds, pollinating insects, butterflies or a combination of the three, all of which the RSPB now seeks to protect.? The charity receives a royalty from Mr Fothergill’s for every pack sold to help its work with British wildlife.

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