Music helps shoppers enjoy garden centres more according to survey

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Garden centre shoppers find ‘plant quality’ most important, with nearly half (48%) surveyed by music licensing company PPL PRS* saying it’s what gets them into a centre, but the atmosphere created by the music playing keeps them inside.

Over four-fifths (82%) of shoppers said they like listening to music when visiting a centre, with 43% of shoppers taking note that their garden centre plays music. Some of the reasons consumers said they enjoy having a soundtrack to their trip were:

  • It boosts their mood (51%)
  • It entices them to buy more (14%)
  • They spend longer in a garden centre when music is playing (10%)

PPL PRS sought out to find what entices customers to garden centres in a recent survey asking shoppers what they prioritise when picking a garden centre and what they notice once in one.

Whilst plant quality and location are important, they aren’t aspects garden centres can have full control over. What management does have the power to mould, however, is the atmosphere in a centre. This can be achieved by curating a playlist that fits the centre and the customer base to ensure an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.

The top five genres that customers enjoy hearing in garden centres are:

  • Chill-out (43%)
  • Pop (32%)
  • Classical (21%)
  • Country (12%)

PPL PRS found that more than two in five (41%) shoppers only visit a garden centre a few times a year, with keen gardeners (39%) saying they go to a centre monthly. So, ensuring a memorable experience with a welcoming atmosphere is key to enticing shoppers, and it may even lead to word-of-mouth marketing as customers recommend venues to friends and family.

In a previous survey**, PPL PRS found that over two-thirds (67%) of people admitted to having left an establishment because no music was playing – so a subtle change in how atmosphere is created can change a consumer’s thought process. 10% of shoppers in the recent survey said that music makes them want to spend more time in a garden centre.

As shoppers admit that they don’t frequently visit garden centres, capitalising on seasonality can encourage consumers to return along with enticing new visitors. School holidays, for example, are when parents seek to entertain their children, so hosting family-friendly events during summer holidays can bring in more customers.

Creating a fun environment can be done by holding promotions or workshops for those who want to garden but don’t know where to start. This can also showcase customer service teams, as new customers may need more help navigating a centre for their gardening needs.

Ensuring a good experience for customers will have a positive impact on reviews and recommendations – it’s well known that word of mouth marketing can benefit a business. It’s an easy way of making a centre more enticing for other potential shoppers who hear these reviews.

Commenting on the findings, gardening expert for PPL PRS, Mr Plant Geek said:

“People flock to garden centres to feel inspired… they might want to refresh their outdoor space through neighbour envy or through feeling ashamed. Either way, once they reach the garden centre, they feel energised and full of optimism, when it comes to creating your dream garden, there’s no better place to be”

*A survey of 500 UK respondents by Attest in October 2022.   

**A survey of 2,101 UK respondents by Perspectus Global in September 2021.   

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