MyGardenSchool launches new website

MyGardenSchool continue to move forward and secure their position as a global destination for online horticultural learning as they announce their newly designed and redeveloped website, along with virtual classrooms.

Launched in time for the start of the new school term, has been developed to provide an engaging and informative experience for students by integrating a more intuitive user interface, faster navigation and improved search function.

Students will be able to upload their assignments and liaise with their tutors, benefitting from the reduced complexity and improved usability of the new site.

Elspeth Briscoe, Director of MyGardenSchool, said: ?MyGardenSchool?s redesign has been driven by our student?s need for a better, more responsive website and we really feel we have delivered on this. With our new design, we expect an increase in website visitors, course uptakes and landing page conversions. We look forward to feedback from our users and welcoming new students to our digital learning community.?

MyGardenSchool students can learn anything from garden design to flower photography and growing vegetables to beekeeping, via video tutorials and personal feedback from experts in the field.

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