National Nestbox Week could increase margins on Birdhouses

Deco-Pak, exclusive UK suppliers of the Garden-Bazaar range of decorative bird boxes, say UK National Nestbox week (Feb 14-21) presents a fantastic opportunity for garden centres to sell more elaborate birdhouse designs at greater profit margins.

The latest trend is for more ornamental nesting boxes that not only provide wild birds with added security from predators, warmth and shelter from the elements, but also enhance the overall look and theme of consumers’ gardens as well.

Natural nest sites for birds such as openings in trees or in older buildings are declining rapidly as gardens are ?tidied? and old houses are repaired.? Taking part in National Nestbox week (Feb 14-21) gives consumers the chance to contribute to bird conservation whilst also getting the pleasure of observing any breeding birds that are attracted to these decorative nest boxes.

Deco-Pak’s Garden-Bazaar range features houses and feeders constructed from kiln-dried hardwood, exterior grade plywood and non-toxic exterior paint. Each birdhouse also includes individual 32mm holes to allow small nesting birds to access their new home, whilst limiting larger predators.

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