Natures Menu launch Raw Expert course for retailers

Natures Menu has launched a new course for retailers wanting to further their knowledge and understanding of raw feeding.

Designed to provide in-depth information about nutrition and raw pet food production, the Raw Expert course aims to enable raw stockists to become expert specialists in raw pet foods.

Created by the Natures Menu Veterinary Division, the course compiles of four modules covering the following:

  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Food production and legislation
  • Product range
  • Nutrition and health

Becoming a certified Raw Expert will enable stockists of the company’s raw pet foods with a professional understanding of raw feeding, the information to provide in-depth advice, and confidence to answer a wider variety of customer queries on raw feeding and Natures Menu range of foods.

Natures Menu have also released their new brochure Real Food is Raw, a highly informative guide to raw feeding and Natures Menu?s full range of products. This can be ordered directly as a point of sale item by contact

The Raw Expert course is available to all customers with a trade account and ready for you to take online now by logging in to your account at

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