New Amphibious Toys With Memory Foam

A totally unique range of dog toys, sold under the Chuckit brand, has just become available. The toys are made from a combination of memory foam and tooth-rugged nylon giving them superior flight in the air and high floatation in water. Certain areas on the toys are rubber lined to provide grip. Because of the materials used and the design, these toys are soft for a dog?s mouth, but also tough and strong. Memory foam has the ability to produce a light, soft and buoyant toy. The material is also durable and keeps its shape. All the new amphibious toys are sold as unsinkable.

Chuckit is a Canine Hardware brand originating in America and imported to the UK by Mines for Pets. There are three lines available, Amphibious Bumper, Amphibious Flying Ring and Amphibious Boomerang. The range is designed for exceptional visibility and performance and is sold in various colour combinations of day glow orange, day glow green and blue. The range is bright and new with a very contemporary look and feel. Presentation is top class too, with the toys strapped to a strong colourful header card.?

Amphibious Bumper is a sturdy but soft trainer dummy style of toy, 23cm x 6cm x 6cm in dimensions with a 25cm nylon rope handle. The bumper toy is rubber lined at both ends. The main part of the toy is memory foam covered in nylon. The RRP for the Amphibious Bumper is ?8.35.?

The Amphibious Flying Ring is 21cm in diameter with an 8cm cut out in the middle. The whole ring contains memory foam and the raised edge is rubber lined for grip. The RRP for the Amphibious Flying Ring is ?9.39.?

Amphibious Boomerang, as the name implies, is a boomerang shape and it is approx 25cm long. The edge of the boomerang toy is lined in rubber with the main part is made from memory foam. The RRP for the Amphibious Boomerang is ?6.25.?

Canine Hardware is known for producing quality dog toys with an active/sporty feel. The company design and manufacture people-friendly products that dogs love. Another throw toy in the range is the Flying Squirrel made from rugged nylon. It has glow in the dark paws, durable rubber feet and raised sides. The toy floats in water too. Canine Hardware is the inventor of the first ball thrower, which is now available in five varieties under the Chuckit brand.?

For further information and contact details for the full Canine Hareware range see the Mines for Pets entry in the?Pets – Miscellaneous Sectionof the UKPets Directory.


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