New BeeMat ? a proven solution to an urgent need

Britain?s bees are facing a bleak future. Over 50% of bees in the United Kingdom have been lost through disease, loss of habitat and intensive farming. Research shows that planting wild flowers is crucial to the survival of bees. New from the experts at TerraSeed, and developed with the Stockbridge Technology Centre, BeeMat?, is a unique and simple solution to what has become a global problem. A pre-seeded, biodegradable growing mat that controls weeds, BeeMat? is the best way to bring a whole host of bee favourite wild flowers to pots, beds, troughs or allotments across the UK.

?In recent months the public and media have become more aware of the dramatic decline of our bee population, now is the time to take action and do all we can to save this important species,? explained Nigel Clarke, BeeMat Sales Manager.? ?A recent review by the University of Reading and Friends of the Earth concluded that planting flowers to provide pollen and nectar can make a significant difference to colony survival.? BeeMat? contains mixed flower seeds that have been carefully chosen to provide exactly this, especially in the autumn when other flowers have finished blooming. Plus importantly it controls weeds that can overwhelm some flower species.?

BeeMat? is scientifically proven to control weeds and encourage flower seed germination. Furthermore research has proved that its use dramatically improves both plant establishment and the number of visits by bees.? In trials BeeMat? has been shown to increase the number of flowers that establish by 90%, compared to direct seeded plots, plus it has been shown to increase the number of flowers per plant by 40%.

Available as individual 200cm x 50cm mats or a 20m roll for landscape and professional use BeeMat? contains RHS approved mixed flower seeds within two layers of biodegradable tissue paper.? The carefully selected flower seeds have been chosen in order to provide a combination of annual, biennial and perennial species that will flower vigorously over an extended period

BeeMat? is packaged in an eye-catching informative box, available in retail packs of 40 in a display tray or as 20m rolls.

A species saving product, this unique mat is sure to help retailers cause a buzz this summer and beyond!

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