NEW BirdMat? ? a blooming good food source for wild birds

The loss of natural habitat in the countryside over the years has meant that birds have been forced to look further afield for food sources ? but now there is a simple solution that can help make your garden or allotment the perfect diner for our feathered friends.

New from the experts behind BeeMat?, the BirdMat? is a simple and effective way of helping to attract and feed a wide range of wild birds.

A bio-degradable mat that is pre-seeded with a blend of native annual and perennial wildflowers, the new BirdMat contains seeds have been carefully selected to provide a ready food source of insects, seeds and materials for nesting once the plants are fully grown.

Suitable to lay in spring and summer, each 200 x 50cm biodegradable mat can be cut to size, enabling consumers to grow their bird-friendly plants in a variety of locations, including pots and hanging baskets. Alternatively the mat can be laid as a single piece, providing a thick coverage of wildflower and a banquet of blooms for wild birds.

Nigel Clarke, BirdMat Sales Manager, said: ?Helping to provide the right habitat in our gardens for wild birds couldn?t be easier with BirdMat.? Sure to be a popular product this spring and beyond, this simple seed mat will appeal to consumers of all ages and provide retailers with a great impulse buy opportunity.?

BirdMat? is packaged in an eye-catching informative box, available in retail packs of 40 in a special display tray.

For further product and stockist more information please visit or call 01476 530374

Advice on developing a bird friendly garden

  • Feed the birds year round: Although winter feeding benefits birds most, food shortages can occur at any time of the year. By feeding the birds all year round ? even during the spring and summer,?you’ll give?them a better chance of surviving periods of food shortage whenever they may occur.


  • Supplementary feeding: Feeders or bird tables with a plentiful supply of seed mixtures, sunflowers seeds, peanuts etc provide additional nutrients for hungry visitors.? Together with a well-managed garden including plenty of plants and flowers for insects, your garden will become a haven for wild birds.





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