New climate control investment ensures freshness for Allensmore Christmas Wreaths & Planters

Responding to the challenge of keeping Christmas wreaths, garlands and planters in peak condition in warmer winter weather conditions, Allensmore Nurseries have devised and invested in new climatic control equipment in their preparation and despatch areas. Allensmore is thought to be the only UK company to have installed this innovative method of Quality Control for their Christmas product production.

These new measures at Allensmore Nurseries provide a big change in controlling the temperatures whilst Christmas wreaths, garlands and planters are prepared and stored prior to despatch, achieving significantly higher levels of product freshness and prolonging shelf life in store.

For the 2016 Christmas season, Allensmore have also streamlined their assembly methods, resulting in materials such as Holly and mistletoe being cut directly before product assembly in order to preserve peak freshness at all times.

Allensmore?s MD, Mark Taylor, commented: ?Earlier this year we invested in strengthening our creative team and our new 2016 ranges of Christmas designs have seen a very significant increase in volume as a result.

Our customers will now benefit from our investment in new climate control conditions to reduce the likelihood of seasonal products drying out in store, which has been a symptom of warmer weather conditions generally in the UK over the past few years.

We are proud that Allensmore is again at the forefront of providing solutions to our retail customers? challenges of providing the freshest and best products to consumers.?

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