New Drainage Utility Matting from First Mats

First Mats is excited to announce its new Utility Matting, perfect for any wet area needing a reliable mat. Made of tough and flexible rubber, the Utility Matting is water resistant and features holes to drain away any water. As a result, it’s an excellent mat for walkways, garden centres, kitchens, and utility rooms where wet floors are a frequent problem. First Mats is committed to providing high-quality mats that can withstand heavy use, and the new Utility Matting is no exception.

The Problem With Wet Floors

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips and trips are the single most common cause of injury at work around the UK, accounting for almost a third of all workplace accidents. The risk of an accident and injury is significant for people who work in areas with wet floors, such as garden centres. Fortunately, slip accidents can also be easily reduced with provisions such as Rubber Matting.

Rubber Utility Matting

Rubber is one of the most common materials used for workplace matting. That’s hardly surprising when you consider its natural properties, such as flexibility and water resistance, which make it an excellent choice. Rubber matting also provides a slip-resistance surface, making it safer to walk on than smooth, hard floors, especially when wet. The Rubber Utility Matting rolls from First Mats also feature a pattern of drainage holes linked by small channels that help to drain water away from the surface quickly.

“Safety has always been an important aspect of our products,” states First Mats Director, Richard O’Connor, “The Utility Matting has safety at its core and will be a great asset to any workplace where wet floors are a problem.”

The Utility Matting is available as single workstation mats measuring 120cm x 180cm, or in 1 metre wide rolls of 5 or 10 metres in length, with a thickness of 10mm.

To learn more about the Rubber Utility Matting, visit the website:

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