New ?Extreme Plus? game coolers

The Cool Ice Box Company are delighted to be introducing their new Extreme Plus Nomad Game Coolers.

The new products are part of the Nomad brand, which offers world-exclusive non-powered cool boxes in a range of colours and sizes.

New to the world market is the Nomad Extreme Plus range, providing 12 days of non-powered cooling in capacities ranging from 25L to 150L.

Tina Evans of The Cool Ice Box Company commented: ?Our team have been working on this Extreme Plus range for the past five years and are so impressed with its performance, design, features and build quality.

?Features include wheels as standard, double bung holes for easy cleaning, cutting board on the lid, tie down points, marine grade stainless steel padlocking points, rubber non-slip feet, measuring board, freezer quality seal, a full length hinge and flush fit closure ? all of which set the range apart from competitors.?

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