New Fairy Dwellings by Garden Glows

Garden Glows, a Trans-Continental Group brand, will in 2015 launch the ?Fairy Dwellings? Collection of garden ornaments.? These decorative fairy houses have equal appeal in the daytime and evening. With incredible detail, they are solar powered; capturing the sunlight, internal LEDs illuminate at dusk, creating the enchanting effect that they are inhabited.

A brand new twist for fairy houses; currently Fairy Dwellings are the first of their kind.? Each has been designed with a specific character in mind: Petal Flamewand, Meadow Corndancer, Rain Pepperfilter to name but a few. There are 10 complementary designs in the collection including a thatched house, logs, boots, mushrooms, apple and squash, providing countless in-store merchandising opportunities.

Each Fairy Dwelling comes perfectly presented for the gift market and is beautifully illustrated with the Fairy that makes it her home. It?s planned that the collection will be further developed in 2015 and expanded for 2016 with additional ornaments to create a ?Fairyland? in the garden.

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