New FloraBrite from Burgon & Ball

Lost garden tools are a thing of the past with the brilliant new FloraBriteTM collection of RHS endorsed hand tools from Burgon & Ball.

The FloraBriteTM range has been specifically developed in response to customer requests for bright and ?unlosable? tools – and these beauties will certainly never be misplaced!

The range is available in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink, and the designs include reflective highlights that glow under torchlight. The range consists of trowels, forks, and a selection of secateurs and snips, all of which carry the influential RHS endorsement – possibly the highest accolade in the gardening world.

The range also includes stretch fit gardening gloves with tough nitrile-coated fingers and palm for added grip and protection, and these, too, have a reflective highlight in the design.

Ideal for the vision-impaired or simply for the absent-minded, these tools make a thoughtful gift, or a bright and beautiful self-purchase treat. They also hold great appeal for gardeners embracing the current trend for all things neon, or who are looking for garden tools that are that little bit different.

Above all, the FloraBriteTM range is sure to brighten the day of any gardener who has ever left a tool out in the rain ? and that has to be most of us!

The FloraBriteTM range is available from garden centres or from

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