New Forest Garden fencing panel reduces noise by eight times

Loud music, barking dogs, noisy neighbours and road traffic are the most irritating unwanted sounds in a garden, according to a *government survey. It is now possible to reduce the impact of these by as much as eight times with a cleverly designed acoustic garden fencing panel from the UK?s leading producer.

Other specialist noise reducing garden fences are on the market but the Forest Garden Decibel Panel not only dramatically cuts noise levels but also looks great and is affordable. This is the first DIY acoustic panel and can be fitted as a replacement or as a new fence. Tests show that the panels can achieve a reduction in the noise level of as much as 30dB. Each successive reduction of 10 decibels is equal to halving the noise level.

Panels tested in independent laboratory tests carried out in 2017 by Exova BM Trada in accordance?with BS EN ISO 10140-2 and ISO 717-1. Achieving BS EN 1793-2:2012 Category B3 rating for noise reduction.

Each panel is 180cm high and 183cm wide with the boards mounted vertically (making it a standard 6ft panel size). However, the panel looks equally as attractive with the boards running horizontally with which arrangement it is 180cm wide so can replace standard sized European panels.

The panels combine noise reducing performance with great looks. Thick (17mm) interlocking tongue and groove boards are smooth planed and moulded into a triangulated shape. These are mounted within a 45mm thick rebated frame to ensure there are no gaps for noise to pass through.

The combination creates Forest Garden?s unique Triform Technology that reflects, diffuses and absorbs unwanted noise. Each panel is FSC certified and carries a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

?These panels bring peace and quiet plus privacy back to gardens subjected to unwanted noise,? said Guy Grainger, CEO of Forest Garden: ?With road traffic increasing, according to the **Department of Transport, the unwanted noise impact in gardens is a growing problem. Our panels offer an attractive, practical, effective and affordable answer to reducing this problem.?

The Exova BM Trada tests were carried out to relevant British Standards covering both road traffic noise reducing devices and methods for measuring airborne sound insulation. Decibel noise scales are logarithmic and so cannot be equated in percentage terms. The Forest Garden product achieved a Category B3 rating according to British Standards tests (which equates to a noise reduction of between 25 and 34 Decibels).

The RRP of the panel is ?119.99 and they are available at selected stockists nationwide. For further details contact Forest Garden / 0333 321 3142


?*DEFRA Noise Attitude Survey 2012

**Department of Transport Road Use Statistics Great Britain 2016

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