The new Gardena pruning loppers – make a difference with every cut you make

Having the right cutting tools is vital for any type of gardener so that cutting trees doesn?t turn into a balancing act. The Gardena StarCut range offers lighter, longer and easier cutting when tending to dense bushses and high trees.

The new Gardena Tree and Shrub Loppers are the perfect solution for trimming of high trees and shrubs. The StarCut plus permits easy cutting from the ground without requiring a ladder and is available in two variants: with a length of 160 centimetres and with telescopic adjustment offering a length of up to 410 centimetres. The new adjustable hook for removing cut-off branches provides additional convenience, allowing you to remove sawn-off branches from crowns of trees without any trouble at all.

The Gardena StarCut 160 plus easily cuts branches up to approximately 32 millimetres in diameter- even dense shrubs and trees. The lightweight and slim cutting head allows targeted and comfortable cutting with a cutting angle of up to 200? which can be individually adjusted from the ground. The internal 12 x gear transmission saves effort and provides a greater cutting power, whilst the new foldable hook for removing cut-off branches easily and effortlessly remove cuttings which have become caught. The StarCut 160 plus is equipped with precision ground, non-stick coated blades which reduce the resistance when cutting and guarantee easy cleaning. Equipped with a pull handle with a non-slip end and T-handle for an even greater range; gardeners can achieve a range of approximately 3.5 metres. The extra light and sturdy aluminium handle provides maximum stability with less weight, thereby guaranteeing simple and precise handling.

For reaching further heights use the Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 plus. It differs from the Gardena StarCut 160 plus due to its telescopic aluminium? handle which can be extended from 230 to 410 cm. This makes the Telescopic StarCut 410 plus even more flexible, allowing users to achieve a range of up to 6.5 metres. The length can be adjusted easily and securely through the new quick-lock lever on the Aluminium Handle.

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