New GardenDeal App is out now!

The brand new GardenDeal app is here! As we know, many garden centres struggle to make their loyalty scheme effective. Apart from giving away points as a credit, most retailers do nothing to get the most out of in store promotions. Garden Connect is introducing the GardenDeal app, which is an effective and affordable solution to give your garden centre the loyal customers it needs!

GardenDeal is a generic App available at iOS, Google Play and for Windows Mobile from September 2014. Consumers can download the app free of charge and start earning points as well as taking advantage of in store promotions. After downloading they can register themselves and select their local garden centre. Customers can view all current coupons and get discounts of products.

With in store communications and smart technology, starting from only ?0.10 per customer, you can get more returning visitors to your garden centre, whilst staying in touch via automated emails. So why not start rewarding your loyal customers?

Want to learn more? Contact Garden Connect on 0203 475 5541 or email? more information on how you can start connecting with your customers!

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